Who Are We?

Inspired by the trailblazers, the groundbreakers, and the visionaries, our products embody the very essence of their spirit.

Fueled by a relentless pursuit of conquering anxiety, fear, depression, stress, insomnia, and OCD, we are constantly driven to push boundaries.

But above all else, our creations are born from a dream of empowering you to embrace self-love and live life to the fullest, on your own terms.

About Us
  • I have PTSD, anxiety and insomnia. It genuinely clams me.


    ''I was sceptical at first, like most people probably are. I bought Dream Pulse a month or so ago. I’ve got terrible PTSD, anxiety and insomnia. For the first few nights of trying it I didn’t notice anything. But then I started to fall asleep without thinking about it at all. My mind just turned off and I was out for it! It’s been working every night ever since. I’m currently starting a new job, moving house and the stress had been bad. But when I use my Dream Pulse it genuinely calms me. I will never not use it from now on. Do yourself a favour and buy one, give it some time and it will work for you''

    - Michelle Heath

  • I am now more productive and can now smash my goals


    ''My first Dream Pulse was faulty but got replaced very quickly. I feel I am getting to sleep more easily which is excellent. I am now more productive and can now smash my goals.''

    - David Simon

  • I feel amazing getting regular sleep now


    ''This has changed my life! I had a huge insomnia problem and found I would lie awake for hours tossing and turning all night. I was sceptical that something so small and non medical could help me sleep BUT the first night of Dream Pulse and I fell asleep within 15 minutes! And it has been the same every night since! I feel amazing getting regular sleep now! Thanks so much!!''

    - Kamila Telford